Traveling. For me the word with the most meanings is not ‘set’ as defined by the Oxford dictionary but traveling. I can find no other word that defines so much of what I believe I’m here to do in this enormous expanse of space known as the world only made smaller by linking the extreme poles by abundant connectivity options. Connections that blend cultures, people, thoughts, emotions and ideas so beautifully that they synchronize into this one big travel culture. Traveling is an integral part of my thought process. I believe an individual impact can be made when you reach out to someone so different yet so similar to you in many ways. Same as writing. Knowing that you have the potential to connect with people and to think along the same lines all impacting to a big whole scenario. I have always put experiences over materialism. For me, when my dad asked me if I wanted to buy another TV, I chose traveling to some city instead. I’ve had so many wonderful inexplicable instances while traveling, I couldn’t choose otherwise. There’s no comparison of the exuberance of meeting new people and doing new things to that of a shiny new LCD. It’s on a whole new plane altogether. I could have no better ambition that to travel around and connect with people and soak all the culture in to make myself culturally diverse that’d help me truly define my identity because I could pick out the best out of everything. Sort of how you create a mix tape. One of the recent experiences where I met the most number of new people that changed my perspective and gave me another new fresh head start to life, which is what each traveling experience does to me, was my trip to Silvassa for a National Youth Leadership Development Seminar.

This is one of those topics where you can’t really tell or show or describe how you feel. The entire experience that you had can’t be wrapped up in 300 odd words and strung together to give someone the depth and perspective of the situation. It’s this insane happy crazy feeling that puts you on that high point in life, like you’re dangling upside down on a roller-coaster, your feet swaying wildly below you but you don’t care. You’re happy, you’re free and you fear nothing. You keep discovering these new feelings that rush in through the new people you meet. From instant friendship, to love, to belonging, to warmth and hatred.You want to wrap it all in a neat little box and keep it forever. You’re afraid to lose the memories. You’re afraid to miss any little detail out. You have the smells, the sights, every little feeling associated with those incidents etched firmly in your mind. You run over them again and again and they make you smile. Nostalgia. You want to tell people about it but you don’t want to fail yourself by not making them feel the same way and see through your vision. It’s very difficult to describe a feeling. You can think of a thousand ways to do that in your head but when you get down to writing or saying it you stop midway cause they wouldn’t understand, be interested, or even if they would they wouldn’t truly be able to feel and experience what you did in those days. The entire experience of spending a week of my life closeted in a resort in Silvassa with over 400 college kids from all across India clubbed in takes it to a whole new level. I had the chance to meet so many new, like-minded people my age, with one aim, to change the world. Brimming with ambition, so many inspiring stories to tell and listen to and get inspired from. It led to creation of a little fraternity among ourselves. We would be disconnected from the exterior world that now seemed mundane since all of us were encapsulated in our own little bubble brimming with ingenious ideas. The pretext of sharing a room with people from different cities you knew nothing about and the first time you saw them was when you entered your room and said hello that felt ridiculous soon developed into a pang of separation when you left, feeling that you’d been with them for as long as you could remember. Having inexplicable fun, creating such strong instant bonds that life without those people was instantly considered to be dull and alien. It seemed like all these people were scattered around the country and by some twist of fate were scooped up and fitted together neatly to form this whole new jigsaw that now made sense of their existence. A jigsaw that shows the big picture, of wanting to create a change, of how doing something is so important to certain people. Of how our actions are strongly guided by our ambitions and the constant hope that one day we’d all reach there. Maybe we’d fly on airplanes, or travel by trains or soar high on our imaginations. But we’d be there. 🙂


      I was not born for one corner.

    The whole world is my native land.

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