How is the internet fun on my phone? Well, like Olive’s English teacher from a very popular hollywood movie ” Easy A” said that kids in our generation have the constant need to update our status and information and tell what we’re doing to everyone. I’m not going to be all factual and state the statistics and data as to how the social media is an excellent marketing and promotions technique but go down to the very basics of its use and the people who use it the most – teenagers.

Almost every website you stumble upon, literally, has a mobile version to it. We’re always on the go, out generation, and we constantly need to be updated with information or just mindless chatter to complete our day. It’s our very own Tony Stark iron-man suit with logistics playing in front of our eyes, except that it doesn’t talk back and analyze things for us itself, atleast not for now.

The most widely used applications are probably the Facebook ” Check In”. This actually scans the vicinity you’re in for probable cafes or malls or even atms you might be in and allows you to map your position by uploading data to your profile. Moreover, you can also take a look at where your friend might have checked in earlier or still are. Excellent upgrade over that private investigator you might be planning to hire to check on your boyfriend’s loyalty.

Also, Twitter becomes more user friendly cause now you can actually tweet stuff like ” I just put on my shoe” and ” I just stepped out of my house” cause the Internet on your phone doesnt make you carry a laptop with you to let people know about inconsequential things that dont really matter.

It also turns out to be highly economical for our student budget because applications like WhatsApp and Viber actually let you text and call your contacts for free. These few don’t even skim the surface of the random things you can do with the internet on your cellular device. If you own a Blackberry, an iPhone or an Android your app galore just multiplies like the most viral bacteria. There are apps that range from incredelous, unimaginable to downright useless. From booking your tickets instantly to counting the number of ab crunches you can do in a minute, there is an entire civilization behind that device and even the most anti-social being on this planet starts socializing through the device.

Sitting in a lecture with an extremely formidable professor and he randomly picks on you to answer a question? Google beneath the desk.

Dragged to a party with your parents and everyone looks ancient or lame? Play temple run until dinner is served.

Stuck in a traffic jam on your way back home with a review due tomorrow? Ask one of your friends to email the presentation to you and revise it.

Don’t know where you are? Map it.

Don’t know what you’re going to do? Ask it.

Lost your phone? Well too bad, it’s the end of the world for you then, until you borrow your friend’s phone to locate the nearest phone dealer and get back on what we know, as the virtual map. And to be honest, that’s the only map that matters right now.

Oh, did I mention the WordPress App on my phone thats actually helping me write this and upload it right now? Yeah, writer’s imaginations are tricky, they hit you at the weirdest times, like the dentist’s appointment right now. Who knew root canals could turn out to be fun right? 🙂

Tips on how to really have fun at the most boring situations you could be put into is just a click away.